The Slip

Addiction recovery stinks. It is the challenge of one’s life. It is the war that rages until death.

In the war there are many battles. With commitment and perseverance the addict wins most of these battles. However, in the end the victor does not leave war unscathed. The warrior has taken some hits.

In my war today I lost in a skirmish and I slipped.

I am angry frustrated and disappointed. But my resolve has not changed. And I forgive myself. I have too much at stake to let the Enemy rise victorious and once again begin to occupy the landsape of my heart and mind.

Whintley Phipps, the well known evangelist once said “No man can climb a smooth mountain.”

He must hae the rough spots for grip on his ascent to the top. I hit my rough patch but I move forward with faith and resolve.

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