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My Story: The Foundation

My story starts like anyone elses. I was born into a great family. I have a mother and father and 4 wonderful siblings. I was raised with strong values and a strong moral compass found in membership in th Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that has blessed my life today. My parents enjoy a healthy marriage. My sisters have married good stalwart men.

As a young boy I was curious about sex from an early age. I can recall poring over art books that had nude paintings in them and remembering the strong arousal it provided. This was happening when I was very young, betwwen the ages of 5 and 10.


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“No More Dark Corners”

Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your visit and hope you find this blog helpful and insightful. I would like to introduce you to the meaning behind the title “No More Dark Corners.” The intent I have behind this blog is to provide personal insight into the life of a recovering porn addict. My hope is that my words may resonate even in some small way to help men  and families find their way back from the evils of pornography addiction. Additionally my intent is to bring to light this ever growing problem.

Pornography addiction is not a public addiction. By definition a public addiction is one that people see all the time. Smoking, alcoholism, excessive buying, etc. are all public addictions, even accepted addictions. We don’t cringe to see a man or woman smoking a cigarette. We don’t mind seeing people intoxicated at a bar. We rack up credit card debt chronically as a society, and yet we shrug it off.

Pornography is a private addiction, one that takes place in closets, cars, dorm rooms and bedrooms. We would raise our voices in disdain if a man were to be reading an adult magazine in open public, yet we accept it readily behind closed doors . These are the Dark Corners, those places where a sense of  security is found, a sense of anonymty is acepted, and lust is the mainstay.

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